If we’re to believe the latest reports, the long-rumored T-Mobile and Sprint deal could soon become a reality. To hear it told, the carriers are essentially committed to going through with a deal that would merge the companies, and all that’s left is to negotiate a few of the finer specifics (minor stuff, like how many billions of dollars T-Mobile is worth). But let’s assume for a moment that all this is accurate, and the carriers will eventually merge. What then? Who would head up this new, bigger network, large enough to compete head-to-head with Verizon and AT&T? Both Sprint and T-Mobile have high-profile CEOs, but analysts believe that T-Mobile’s John Legere could emerge as the favorite, beating-out Sprint CEO Dan Hesse for the honor.

Reports cite Legere’s maverick reputation and sunny relationship with regulatory agencies as assets he’d bring to the role of CEO for this new mega-carrier. Even though it would be Sprint acquiring T-Mobile, and not the other way around, Hesse reportedly isn’t too concerned with keeping the top seat, and has said that he wouldn’t mind handing over the reins.

Granted, this may be getting ahead of ourselves: even if the deal is nearly made, there’s all the regulatory red tape to navigate, not to mention the (not inconsequential) technical issues – it will all be LTE some day, but not quite yet. Still, assuming the best, this is promising news. Legere seems well-liked by T-Mobile users; any Sprint subscribers out there with an opinion of him you’d like to share?

Source: Bloomberg
Via: TmoNews
Image: DigitalTrends

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