While it’s certainly nice to see Apple address an age-old iPhone 6/6s safety issue with something other than a (non-) explanation and (limited) battery replacement program, a far more severe concern may cause Tim Cook serious headaches if the latest “incident” involving one of the company’s mobile devices proves legit.

We’re of course talking about the newest installment in the endless “dude, how come my phone just blew up?” series. If you need a quick recap of the recent related events, there were a couple of episodes starring seemingly explosive iPhone 7 and 6 Plus units that never went anywhere, and we’re sure you remember the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle concluded with a costly and reputation-damaging recall.

What are the odds of something like that happening to Samsung’s Cupertino-based arch-rival now? Close to zero, but just to be completely safe, Apple reps are already “in touch” with a disgruntled customer located in Tucson, Arizona.

Brianna Olivas, aka Bree, claimed on Twitter earlier this week that her iPhone 7 Plus randomly exploded without anyone “even using it”, and “literally no explanation for this.” A damning 20-second video appears to back up her allegations, indeed showing a rapidly melting current-gen iPhablet giving off quite a bit of smoke.

Then again, we can’t know exactly how the device was maneuvered before the horrifying footage was recorded, and whether it had all its original components and accessories intact and functional. The owner says she barely purchased it last month from Sprint, and Apple Store employees tested it shortly thereafter, as it wouldn’t turn on. No faults were found, and the iPhone 7 Plus in question oddly started working again, but not for long. Quite a curious story, and now it remains to be seen how much of it is real.

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