You probably shouldn’t trust synthetic benchmark results posted by high-end, relatively inexpensive Meizu phones, nor should you expect the still-small Chinese company to try a spectacular, proper global device expansion anytime soon.

But when it comes to battery breakthroughs, this otherwise low-key consumer electronics outfit sure knows how to draw a crowd. Last week, Meizu started teasing a “cutting-edge technology” announcement for earlier today at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, following it up with some bold claims on social media over the weekend.

Billed as “11 times faster than iPhone 7 Plus”, and “3.6x faster than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge”, the just-unveiled Super mCharge standard indeed looks mind-blowing… on paper. Its main claim to fame is a record-breaking 20-minute full and safe charging time for a 3,000 mAh cell that of course isn’t commercially ready yet.

We don’t know when it might be, what handset will use it first and where, but Meizu is unlikely to share the Super mCharge solution or its new “high-performance, safe” lithium battery with competing manufacturers.

What Meizu Super mCharge promises is almost too good and technologically advanced to be true, including 55W fast-charging power, massively up from Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0’s 18W or OPPO VOOC’s 20W propositions.

Incredibly enough, temperature peaks shouldn’t even reach 40°C, compared to 44 with QC 3.0, allowing you to play games or watch movies in absolute safety while the device of the future takes 20 minutes to fill up its tank.

Other stunning claims include 98 percent “super-high efficiency”, thanks to “optimized charge pump technology”, 160W support for Meizu’s redesigned data cable, and neat tricks like a “voltage monitoring system, electric current monitoring system and 10-level safety protection means” to achieve industry-leading protection from overheating harm. No risk of blowing up… whenever Super mCharge batteries start actual production.

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