Meizu sends September 5 event invites containing live Nokia E71 units (wait, what?)

Can a discontinued 8 year-old little Symbian phone with a passé physical QWERTY keyboard technically be still considered a bribe? Probably not, since it would take a miracle for its 369 MHz ARM11 processor (remember those?) and 128MB RAM (yes, really) to even handle a basic Google search nowadays.

In fact, outside of a mobile tech museum of sorts, you have to wonder where could one be able to procure a half-working Nokia E71 copy this day and age? Well, Meizu somehow got a hold of a few, and is shipping them out to folks lucky enough to attend the Android OEM’s next big device announcement.

No, not the Exynos Pro 6 (or perhaps the Pro 7) on September 13, but rather an earlier local shindig to possibly take the wraps off a jumbo-sized Meizu Max (sounds familiar?). That’s all fine and dandy, although we still don’t understand where the E71 comes in.

As it turns out, Meizu pulled a similar stunt ahead of M2’s introduction last year, when it gifted even older Nokia 1110 units, which people ultimately interpreted as a hint at a robust build. Ergo, the Meizu Max officially scheduled for a September 5 launch may either target business users with proprietary software tricks, security and whatnot, or, and this is arguably a wild guess, join BlackBerry in trying to revive QWERTY.

Source: PhoneArena

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