Meizu PRO 7 teased for launch in France, Europe

Chinese manufacturer Meizu has a phone with a screen on the front as well as on the back. Well, two phones — same basic stuff, different sizes. And there are interested audiences across the globe that are looking at this to see if this phone will move away into other regions.

Meizu’s French division basically live-tweeted the launch event on Friday to its fans’ anticipation. Over in the European country, the company has been selling its last-generation PRO 6 Plus, so it’s definitely reasonable to expect that the PRO 7 may also come along.

We got a further hint from Meizu today. A weekend departed from the launch, @MeizuFr has continued to tweet about the phone, this time propping up the latest improvement in its fast charging standard.

If there’s a chance this phone and/or the PRO 7 Plus makes the Eurasian cross, just keep in mind that the MSRP for the PRO 6 Plus was just under €550. A spiffy new design could command another €100 easy. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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