Meizu PRO 6 rumored to go after Vivo Xplay 5 with 6GB RAM… someday

Samsung’s reluctance to upgrade its flagship smartphones in the memory department beyond 4GB, as well as every high-profile OEM’s commitment to Full or Quad HD displays, including Sony, will no doubt be taken by many as conclusive proof this has finally stopped being a numbers game.

But you’ll always have lesser known manufacturers trying to make a name for themselves with meaningless records. The designers of the world’s thinnest handheld. The first to adopt quad, octa, deca, 16-core processors. And, of course, the makers of the 6GB RAM mobile pioneer.

Let’s all agree we don’t need that today. Clearly not more than longer-lasting batteries and extra-durable designs. But how about tomorrow? How about next fall? Will 6GB RAM high-end smartphones become ubiquitous in a few months? Will we need them to by 2017?

No one can be sure either way, so it’s probably a good idea to be on the safe side of progress. That’s what Meizu is most likely thinking when reportedly working on a new premium Android device with both 4 and 6GB RAM options.

Almost certainly dubbed Meizu PRO 6, this should see daylight roughly a year on the heels of the PRO 5, i.e. in August or September, so its rumored specifications are entirely subject to change. Somewhat surprisingly, even the Meizu PRO 6… Pro version, with 6 gigs of memory onboard, is said to sport a 1,080p screen, plus 128GB storage (vs 64 for the “entry-level” model), Exynos 8890 processing power, and Force Touch capabilities. Nothing meaningless there.

Source: MyDrivers
Via: GizmoChina

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