We don’t mean to be too dismissive of benchmarking programs, but being the tech-obsessed bunch we are, we can confidently say that there is no freaking way to empirically gauge the performance of all hardware that is representative of how long it can last (in both the short-term and long-term senses) and how it acts in your typical usage.

And we don’t blame those software engineers who are working toward a rather noble goal of being able to create the perfect evaluation application that can do that — it’s more information for the all of us that can lead to more informed purchase decisions.

But for it to be “perfect,” we can’t have these apps getting manipulated by smartphone manufacturers who want to throw the best limelight on their somewhat arbitrary scores. Especially by those who tout their slab’s ability to grind stone with nose and kill flagships. Ahem, that means OnePlus and Meizu, as of recently.

Actually, what does it mean? What does this all mean? Why should this matter to you? Juan Carlos Bagnell gives us an explainer.

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