Like most self-respecting Android device manufacturers, Meizu has been splitting its high-end models in two separate families for a while now, with Pro-series phones sitting a tier above the MX roster on the mobile hardware totem pole.

But it’s getting harder and harder to tell which is which, given the just-announced Meizu MX6 sports a larger display and heftier battery than the April-unveiled Pro 6. It doesn’t help that the two went official so close in time either, or that they share a common design language.

Still, the metal-clad MX6 looks slightly less premium and swanky than its cousin (while continuing to take obvious cues from iPhones), and it also lacks neat tricks like 3D Press, aka 3D Touch, or that wacky-sounding 10-LED camera.

The rear-facing snapper this time around is more straightforward and conventional, with 12MP in tow and a single flash annex, doubled by a 5MP selfie cam. The processor is downgraded from a MediaTek Helio X25 to X20, inspiredly paired with 4 generous gigs of RAM once again, kept running by a 3,060 mAh fast-charging cell.

The 5.5-inch screen predictably pushes 1080p content, you get 32GB internal storage, Android 6.0 Marshmallow out the box, and USB Type-C connectivity, all for the palatable equivalent of $300 (2,000 Yuan) starting July 30.

Source: Fonearena

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