Whatever marketing gimmick Meizu is trying to telegraph to us, well, let’s just say it might not pan out.

ITHome out of China has apparently received a couple of invitations to a Meizu launch event on March 6. But they’re not just coming inside a letter — one piece of crafts paper was strung around a Canon 70-300mm SLR zoom lens and talked about the Meizu E3 P.

While that might give the signal that the device will have some sort of specialty in the camera department, we have little clue as to why the company sent over a non-stick frying pan to promote the Meizu E3 G. Perhaps to say that the phone will cook when it comes to gaming? It’s a good thing those items came in boxes with text on them.

The Meizu E-series has come in singular models and are an entry-level offering in the company’s smartphone lineup. Recent rumors indicate, though, that pricing will jump from below $200 to above $300.

Anyways, it seems that both items sent to press outlets are real, so perhaps it’s time to make an artsy Facebook video on a dinner recipe.

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