It was only a couple of years ago that a handful of little known Chinese device manufacturers defied the outcries of Android fans for longer battery life or better software support, instead focusing on improving duckfaces.

In the meantime, 8MP front cams have become ubiquitous, and since most mobile consumers no longer bat an eye upon seeing certain mid-range products, especially in Asia, sporting dual 13MP snappers, Meitu thought it right to take things to the next level.

That’s Meitu, mind you, not Meizu, so a brand with likely modest awareness even in its own homeland, and the latest selfie enthusiast’s wet dream is called simply V4. Not exactly a pushover in the screen resolution, processing power or memory departments, the Meitu V4 clearly aims to stand out first and foremost with a wacky pair of 21 megapixel cameras.

Yes, the “main” photography beast is endowed with a 21MP sensor, and so is the “secondary” unit. Just to put things into perspective, let us remind you the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ “barely” feature a 16MP rear-facing shooter, while self-portraits cap off at 5MP there.

This is pure China-exclusive madness eccentricity, and the Meitu V4 also comes with an absurdly high price point – the rough equivalent of $550. For that small fortune, you get a 5-inch Full HD AMOLED panel as well, octa-core 64-bit MediaTek Helio X10 SoC, 3GB RAM, 64GB internal storage space, only 2,650 mAh battery juice, and a proprietary software platform dubbed MeiOS 2.5 based on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

If you don’t mind “downgrading” to 13MP front and rear cameras, there’s also a Meitu M4s coming at $375 or so, with a 4.7-inch HD display in tow, MediaTek MT6752 chip, 3GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and 2,160 mAh cell.

Via: Phonearena

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