Meet the new BlackBerry KEYone! (Video)

It’s MWC 2017 Day 0, everybody! Technically, it’s Day -1, but we might as well call it BlackBerry Day, or even better, BlackBerry Comeback Day.

Newly signed exclusive licensee TCL has shrewdly chosen to jump the gun at Barcelona’s glamorous mobile tech trade fair, giving us a chance to not only hear about the hotly anticipated KEYone before the LG G6 or Huawei P10, but also spend some quality time with this thing.

Ever since CES 2017 in Las Vegas, it was pretty obvious we were looking at a different breed than “modern” smartphones, with much more than just a retro-style hardware keyboard awkwardly combined with a touchscreen.

While it’s way too early to cast judgment on the durability of the BlackBerry KEYone, formerly known as Mercury, its first impression should definitely put a smile on the faces of hardcore brand enthusiasts, business users, security nuts and productivity fanatics.

The handset looks like it can take a beating, yet it’s also elegant, smoothly curved and very premium-feeling. Aggressively priced and slated for an April launch, it’s a snappy performer even in pre-production form, and employs a lot of common sense in areas like software optimization, user interface simplicity, and Android customization. All in all, we’re certainly excited to fully review the BlackBerry KEYone in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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