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MeeGo Avatar Creator Lets You Custimize You Alter-MeeGo

By Anton D. Nagy May 29, 2011, 6:09 am

The above guy would be me if I’d be a MeeGo character but since I’m not, he’s just my alter-MeeGo. Android users are familiar with Androidify and how it lets you create your Android-self and if your smartphone platform flavor of choice is MeeGo, you can use the MeeGo Avatar Creator.

With the webapp you can create your own, personalized MeeGo avatar (or someone else’s, really). You can then show it off on your social networks, on your computer, smartphone or even tease your Android friends that are using their own avatar made with Androidify. Go on an unleash your alter-MeeGo by following the source link!

Source: Avatar Creator for MeeGo

Via: My Nokia Blog

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