MediaTek has lifted the covers from its latest flagship chipset, the Dimensity 1000+. A slight upgrade over the existing Dimensity 1000 SoC, MediaTek’s new offering adds support for 144Hz display on smartphones, and will first debut on a device from Vivo’s iQoo sub-brand.

A higher refresh rate panel is better suited for playing games at high frame rates, reducing motion blur and jitters to provide a smooth visual experience. The Dimensity 1000+ chip also employs the proprietary HyperEngine 2.0 tech that claims to boost performance and power efficiency.

Another major trick up the sleeve of MediaTek’s latest SoC is support for 5G on two SIM cards simultaneously, complete with dual-mode (NSA+SA) architecture compatibility. Lastly, the Dimensity 1000+ chip also brings the in-house MiraVision tech to the table, which can upscale SDR videos to HDR.

This technology is also claimed to provide better picture quality than HDR10+ by dynamically adjusting attributes such as per frame contrast, sharpness, and color levels during 4K video playback or stream.

Source: MediaTek

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