MediaTek survey on dual cameras: young folk are selfie fiends, carrier-agnostic

Consumers are always finding their ways to new habits based on what innovations the commercial environment gives them. It’s a innovative ladder, so to speak. And as such, companies are eager to rake in data and figure out how to plot better products to continue the cycle.

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek, in conjunction with Qualtrics, has conducted a survey on the topic of smartphone cameras and how users… use them. Here are some key findings:

  • Those who like software-enhanced bokeh use their phone’s Portrait Mode about 42 percent of the time.
  • When it comes to AI-driven beautification, the 25-44 age demographic is most keen on it (35 percent), double the 45+ crowd (16 percent).
  • Crucially, the 18-24 demo is most focused on dual cameras as a feature to look out for.
  • The same 18-24 group also go for selfies more often (14.4 days per month) compared to the 55+ group at 2.9 days. Those aged 25 and older tend to take family photos more often.
  • Talk to 18-44 year-olds and they don’t seem to care much about their carrier. Over-45s are most concerned with networks.

More takeaways can be found at the source article, linked below this story.

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