MediaTek Dimensity 1200

MediaTek introduced its Dimensity lineup last year. Initially introduced as a mid-range chipset, MediaTek has been slowly (but steadily) upping its chipset game, and the latest reports are another evidence of its efforts. According to a new report, MediaTek will launch its high-end Dimensity 2000 series processor later this year. The report claims that the chipset might be based on the 4nm node manufacturing process, which might be able to beat Apple’s upcoming A15 Bionic.

Earlier this year, a tweet claimed that MediaTek had announced during its earnings call that it will launch a 4nm chip “by the end of the year,” and the Dimensity 2000 seems to be an effort in that direction. Today’s report not only says the SoC will be built on a 4nm process, but it also says MediaTek will go all out on specs. It says the 2000 chip will feature new ARM V9 architecture as well as the new Cortex-X2 core. It’ll be manufactured by TSMC, and if this is to be believed, MediaTek’s Dimensity 2000 wouldn’t be much different from Qualcomm’s or Samsung’s top-tier SoC for 2022.

For those unaware, the node process affects the chipset’s efficiency, theoretically. The ‘nm’ stands for how close the transistors are in the chip, and the closer (or lower the number of nm) the transistors are, the higher is the efficiency of the chip.

To compare, Apple is expected to stick with the 5nm node process for the A15 Bionic. The company has allegedly developed an “enhanced 5nm+” process which will be the base for its upcoming flagship chipset. The company isn’t expected to ship 4nm chips until next year.

On the Snapdragon side of things, Qualcomm is also expected to ship a 4nm process chip, 898 or 895, late this year or sometime early next year. But, the chipset will be manufactured by Samsung, and not TSMC. According to NotebookCheck’s report, TSMC’s nodes have had a solid advantage over Samsung’s, and if this is true, Dimensity 2000 will offer the same, if not better, efficiency than Qualcomm’s chipset-based on the same 4nm node manufacturing process.

The report claims MediaTek has already handed out some samples of the Dimensity 2000 to its hardware partners for internal testing. If all goes well, we should see the first Dimensity 2000-powered handsets hit the market early next year.

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