Maximus Mobile’s Finger Friendly Task Manager Released

Maximus Mobile Task Manager is a free, new task manager for Windows Mobile 6.x devices. It basically allows users to easily switch between and close running programs. You can close one app at a time or all at once. In addition to managing open programs, it also displays how much memory is taken up by each running app and the amount of available/total RAM on your device. The managing window is scrollable and landscape mode is also supported.

After installing MMTaskManager, a shortcut is placed in your start menu for easy access. If you need even quicker access, you can also map it to one of your hardware keys. Download this free, finger-friendly task manager from MaximusMobile. It supports devices with QVGA, (W)VGA and “square” screens.

Note: .NET CF 3.5 is required to run this task manager

(via: XDA-developers)

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