“My purpose in life is to help comfort, entertain, teach, and learn from you,” Aristotle says. “Her” voice comes out of a subtly tapered cylinder with a matte white top and a Mattel-red base.

Funny, one of Mattel’s subsidiaries, Nabi, made this Aristotle smart speaker. And it comes with a camera, too.

So, who will this Wi-Fi speaker comfort? Entertain? Teach to? How about learn from? Well, in addition to running Amazon’s Alexa program and figuring things out from the internet, it’s supposedly going to help new parents take care of their newborns.

If you can ask your Amazon Echo or Tap to buy formula or read your kids a story, you can certainly do so with the Aristotle. But it’ll come with further tailoring from Microsoft that helps the device track your baby’s movements and lets you know when they’re napping or need a change. All this encrypted data can be linked through the cloud and then back down to your smartphone through an app. Bing has also been opted as the search engine of choice.

Other in-built skills dig into toddler’s curiosities and growing brains like animal noise games and simple vocabulary lessons. Aristotle takes advantage of its embedded color LEDs to indicate to a child that they’re either correct or wrong.

Aristotle is expected out in the summer for around $300. Mattel is also interested in tying some of its other franchises to the speaker like routing in sound effects for new Hot Wheels tracks.

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