Mate 20 Pro

Looks like not only we have to get used to triple cameras, but we will also have to get used to what appears to be a weird arrangement. It was last week that we first got a glimpse of what the Mate 20, or Mate 20 Pro will look like. We saw a teardrop notch, and the triangle arrangement for the camera, courtesy of some XDA renders.

Apparently we don’t have to think too hard in explaining or debunking the rumor, as Huawei themselves have confirmed it. Check out the image below, take at the ongoing IFA, where the manufacturer is shamelessly showing it off. Picture on the left, the camera placement, followed by a Weibo leak showing it off on a prototype.

On to the main bit! The images you see below were snapped at IFA 2018, and published by Spanish website Teknofilo. What you see right there in the person’s hand is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Mate 20 prototype. Manufacturers almost test their devices or prototypes in real world scenarios. They usually send the phones off in a protective case that conceals the device within. Think of it as the camouflage used my car-makers when testing automobiles.

The case is specifically designed to conceal as much as possible from the device. In this particular case, it has been so well designed that we can’t even tell if there is a notch or not, teardrop or otherwise. What clearly shows, though, aside from the USB port on the bottom and the earpiece hole on the top, is the weird triple-camera arrangement on the back.

If the previous rumors are true, we are indeed looking at the Mate 20 Pro, and not the 20. Why? The 20 will reportedly feature a back-mounted fingerprint scanner, while the 20 Pro an in-display unit. As we can see, there is no cutout on the back of the case. This could be an indication that this is the 20 Pro.

Regardless, the story here is that the camera arrangement seems to be confirmed for the upcoming phone. An LED flash on the left, flanked by a camera on the right, and two more underneath them.

While we’re sure we’ll see leaks and hear plenty of rumors in the coming weeks. it will all become clear on October 16, when the Mate 20 Pro will become official.

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