Mate 20 out, Huawei Watch GT in for US market

The United States government still considers Huawei a sanctions breaker that’s weak on cybersecurity and a data-siphoning pawn of the trade-gaming administration of Xi Jinping. And it’s not just America that has its concerns.

All of that, however, means that the company has not been able to land a phone with stateside networks and has ultimately decided that the political atmosphere isn’t healthy for it to continue much of its business here. CEO Richard Yu slammed the posturing and called it “a big loss for consumers.”

With the launch of the Mate 20 phone series and the Huawei Watch GT, it’s been told that only the latter will officially make it to US retailers. No specifics have been given on availability. Presumably the Huawei Band 3 Pro will also make it in, too.

From the statement sent to Business Insider:

We are not planning to sell the Mate 20 Series in the US. While international variants of the Mate 20 Series may be available on some US online retail sites, we encourage individuals to carefully read the details about the warranty and network compatibility before purchasing.

Indeed, some international stock of previous Huawei flagships have made their way to places like Amazon and eBay (through third-party importers) with partial support for the full spectrum bands of AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM networks in North America. It appears that the same will happen this time around.

A quick note on rumors from earlier this year that suggested that Best Buy would soon no longer sell Huawei products: the big box store still has stock of the Huawei Watch 2, but nothing of the Windows-running MateBooks.

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