When we first laid eyes on the Martian line of smartwatches, I was unimpressed. Too low-tech.

When we first laid hands on the Martian Notifier, I remained unmoved. Too low-key.

When AT&T and Martian dropped a Notifier on our doorstep, I almost recycled it for our summer of giveaways. Too busy.

Then I used it for a week … and I had to schedule a review. Too awesome.

In a world with smartwatches like Android Wear, Samsung’s Gear line, and the Pebble, you might think the time for a simpler wearable has long passed. But a company called Martian Watches is betting the other way, offering a line of stripped-down watches with a big analog face and a tiny screen for notifications.

martian notifier


The latest in that line is the aptly-named Notifier: a decidedly un-dainty resin/steel/silicone timepiece sporting a dense list of features and best-in-class battery life. Best of all, wearing one doesn’t consign you to the ranks of nerdy smartwatch wearers: even when it’s scrolling an alert across its tiny 96×16 OLED panel, the Martian Notifier looks just like a normal watch. And a good-looking one, at that.

How can a glorified quartz wristwatch offer up similar functionality to its competition, you ask? How can a three-button old-timer expect to hold its ground against the touchscreen wrist computers being fielded by the goliaths of the smartphone world? How many rhetorical questions can this shell post sustain before collapsing in on itself in a cloud of utter nonsense? Two-thirds of those questions will be answered –and answered with vigor– in Pocketnow’s Martian Notifier review video below! So click on down, and be sure to stop by the gallery at the bottom and then let us know in the comments what you think of the Martian Notifier smartwatch!

Got more questions? Join us Friday, July 25th at 2pm ET for a hands-on session with the Martian Notifier (and HTC One E8) on the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, where we’ll answer your questions live on the air!

Martian Notifier review video

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