Taiwan-based Yuanta Securities has put a “sell” position on HTC stock after it claims that Google will contract the manufacture of its third-generation Pixel phones to LG.

“Google has found a new partner that can reliably supply products,” one source said to Chosun Biz. “Some say that LG Electronics can produce not only Pixel 3 but also some of the Pixel 2 in the second half of this year.”

It has widely been believed that HTC was locked in to produce the second Pixel generation as it had made the first. Various supply and hardware problems have plagued the Pixel and Pixel XL and they have received not little attention. It’s claimed that the 5 million Pixel units the manufacturer has shipped have made up to 20 percent of its business during production time or about $90 million.

With bigger bombast and sales expected for subsequent Pixel devices, Google may desire a more reliable partner in LG, which has executed on three Nexus phones. The first sign of transition could be pursuant to OLED displays that will feature in late 2018’s Pixel 3 — LG Display is ramping up its production with a few contracts this year and could be ready to take the mantle on this big job by then.

For its part, LG Display would not confirm rumors. Ken Hong, LG’s global communications director, said to Android Authority that he does not “deal in rumors and speculation.”

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