‘More than 10’ iPhone 8 prototypes are reportedly in consideration, including curved OLED model

You may not want to pay much attention to insiders and tipsters claiming they know all about Apple’s big 2017 iPhone upgrade already, as extremely credible sources today tell us there are over 10 prototypes being considered for the two or three models that will ultimately make their commercial debut next fall.

Keep that in mind for when early designs, blueprints, dummy units, accessories and so on eventually start “leaking” out, and take everything you hear over the coming months with more than the proverbial pinch of salt.

Odds are Cupertino is indeed testing the all-glass waters, as well as curved OLED screen technology, including with minimal bezels, not to mention various new dual camera tricks, 3D functionality of sorts, wireless charging, and perhaps even mulling over a headphone jack comeback.

Unfortunately, no one can predict which of the oft-rumored changes and advancements will make it to stores next year. Tim Cook himself probably doesn’t know a lot for sure just yet. There’s a strong possibility at least one iPhone 8 configuration switches from LCD to OLED, but Apple might need to rely entirely on Samsung for panel supply.

LG, JDI and Sharp will likely be ready to join the party in 2018, at the earliest, making yields and a backup plan for the prospective curved OLED iPhone 8 very tricky business. So, yeah, even this trend-following transition is far from etched in stone for 2017.

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