Been waiting patiently for Mango updates to arrive? If you’ve got an HTC-made Windows Phone 7 device, you may be in for quite the treat, as official Mango releases for many of its models have just been leaked.

ROMs are available for the Gold (Pro), Mozart, Spark (Trophy), and Schubert (HD7). The only one missing appears to be the Mondrian (Surround). Most of these ROMs are for the European versions of the handsets, though there is one for the Trophy on Verizon. All are Mango 7720.68, the final version released to manufacturers.

If you’re going to try your hand at installing one of these ROMs, take caution; if you’ve fiddled around with the phone’s Secondary Program Loader at all, either with a reloaded or hard SPL, you’re going to have to take special care to get your phone into a good state before attempting to flash Mango. The alternative is bricking your phone, so if you’re not comfortable making sure your phone’s in the proper state, you’d better sit this one out.

For links to the downloads, and discussion of the RSPL/HSPL issues, check out the source thread below.

Source: XDA-Developers forum

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