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Facebook is suing a man who sold fake Instagram likes and comments, which was a part of a “fake engagement service,” Facebook said in a statement. The service “used a network of bots and automation software to distribute fake likes, comments, views and followers on Instagram,” according to the company. 

This is not the first time Facebook is taking the issue of fake Instagram likes to court. Previously, it has filed a number of similar lawsuits against developers who misuse data. As per Engadget, the company sued a Spanish developer for selling fake Instagram likes. Furthermore, it sued a New Zealand company for its fake Instagram engagement service last year.

The company has also sued MobiBurn, a developer that used malicious software to collect Facebook data from users. The developer is said to collect “information from the devices and requested data from Facebook, including the person’s name, time zone, email address and gender,” when users installed apps with MobiBurn’s software.

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