‘Isolated’ cases of malfunctioning new Galaxy Note 7 units now reported in Korea

With half of the roughly one million defective Galaxy Note 7 devices sold in the US already exchanged, according to Samsung’s latest head count, several claimed fires and explosions deemed hoaxes, and new, safe-to-use “edgy” phablets expected in global stores in time for Black Friday, it seemed the worst was finally behind the world’s most popular smartphone vendor.

But the atmosphere among Galaxy enthusiasts remains tense in the tech giant’s very own backyard, even after the local refund period’s approved extension. While replacement phones are yet to start randomly blowing up themselves (heaven forbid), a few decidedly unlucky users have had trouble getting their batteries to work properly.

Specifically, Korean media reports, either replaced Galaxy Note 7 units refuse to charge over a certain mark (10 percent), or they lose stamina extremely quickly, including when plugged in to juice up. Worse yet, they purportedly heat up like crazy, although once again, we should highlight no fire or explosion has happened as of now to a “safe”, new device.

For its part, Samsung is adamant these are little more than “isolated cases” having to do with mass production issues, “completely unrelated to batteries”, and due for “close examinations” in the coming weeks. And that’s supposed to somehow make us feel better? The thought of there being a separate, non-battery-linked Note 7 glitch? Well, it absolutely does not.

Sources: The Korea Herald, ZDNet, Wall Street Journal

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