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Make phone calls on Amazon speakers with Alexa and a Verizon line

You can now pair your Verizon phone number to Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers and get calling functionality for $5/month
By Sanuj Bhatia November 17, 2021, 3:45 am
call on Amazon Alexa Echo devices via Verizon Source: Pocketnow

Verizon, in partnership with Amazon, announced a new feature for Alexa-enabled smart speakers called Number Share - Home. The Number Share - Home feature allows users to make and receive hands-free audio calls through their supported Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, such as Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Using this feature, you'll be able to instruct Alexa to dial phone calls for you and the calls placed via this will show the dialer's Verizon number on the recipient’s caller ID.

After signing up for Number Share - Home feature, you'll be able to just ask Alexa, as you normally would, to place a voice call through the carrier. Verizon says this feature is "like a reinvention of the home phone and calls." You'll be able to say like, "Maria would like to talk to Chris" and Alexa would place a call on the speaker via your Verizon phone number. Moreover, you'll also be able to place (or receive) calls even if your smartphone is offline, for e.g., switched off or out of reach.

In addition to making calls, the feature would also allow you to receive via Alexa-enabled smart speakers. Though the speaker would announce all phone calls, out loud, to the incoming number. To disable Alexa from announcing the calls out loud, you'll need to add a routine like disable Verizon calls when you leave home or set up a schedule. You can also enable Do Not Disturb mode on the Alexa app to disable the speaker from announcing the calls.

The Number Share - Home feature is available for Verizon customers for $5 a month. The carrier is offering a one-month free trial to those customers who have a Verizon line and Alexa-enabled speaker and those who sign up for the service. People who purchase Amazon Alexa devices from Verizon and sign up for the Number Share - Home service will get three months free.

Via: GSMArena, Source: Global Newswire

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