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Major changes to iMessage are coming soon

By Samuel Martinez June 3, 2021, 10:39 pm

Big things are expected to happen during the upcoming WWDC. Indeed, we have received rumors suggesting that we may get new hardware, but let us not forget that WWDC is mainly focused on software. Apple recently placed iMessage as the center of its promo campaign material for the next event, which makes us believe that we may get awesome new features.

WWDC 2021 will take place on Monday, June 7, and it seems that the event will have a special focus on iMessage. The placeholder for the event’s Livestream is already live on YouTube, and there you can clearly see iMessage bubbles, Tapback, and the app’s full-screen laser effect. However, these features are already available in the current version of the app, but it seems that we are about to get more features with iOS 15.


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 15 will feature improvements to iMessage, which could include options for automatic replies, statuses, and notifications.

“There will also be an option to set automatic replies to messages depending on their status. That will be an improvement over the current auto-reply feature, which is only currently available while driving. Apple has added some unique notification features such as Do Not Disturb and Sleep Mode, but this will mark the first time the company offers a systemwide feature for changing notifications depending on a user’s status.

“The company is also working on upgrades to iMessage with the eventual goal of acting as more of a social network and better competing with Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp. Those changes are still early in development and could come later, the people said.”

Now, these changes would aim to transform iMessage from a messaging app into more of a social network that could better compete with the likes of WhatsApp. We have also seen information suggesting that Apple has been internally testing features that would include the ability to retract sent messages, typing indicators in group chats, and more.

Now, Cupertino has also patented several unreleased iMessage features, which include the ability to edit sent messages. However, let us not forget that patents don’t always make it to the market, or in this case, to iMessage. So we will have to stay tuned to see what Apple has in store for us during WWDC 2021, even though I’m more eager to find out if we are getting a new 16-inch and a 14-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon.

Source MacRumors


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