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Apple macOS Monterey official: all you need to know

By Prakhar Khanna June 9, 2021, 8:54 am
macOS Monterey

Apple macOS Monterey is here. It is getting some of the iOS and iPad features alongside more seamlessness for inter-product working. Moreover, it is receiving new FaceTime capabilities with Shareplay and Shared with you. Further, Quick Note and Notes give you versatile ways to access your stuff quickly. Continuity is getting a big update with Universal Control on macOS Monterey. Here is all you need to know about the new macOS.

Universal Control

Universal Control macOS Monterey

This is big. Universal Control on macOS Monterey lets users work with a single mouse and keyboard and move between Mac and iPad. If you set your iPad next to the mac, and as you drag your mouse cursor to the direction of the iPad, you get the option to control the iPad with that same peripheral, which means you no longer require extra accessories for your iPad to get productive work done. 



macOS Monterey Safari

Safari is getting a new tab design that lets users see more of the page as they scroll. There is a new tab bar that takes on the color of the webpage and combines tabs, the toolbar, and the search field into a single compact design.  Further, Apple is introducing Tab Groups that offer a new way to easily save and manage tabs, which is great for planning trips, shopping, or storing the tabs users visit daily. Additionally, they sync across Mac, iPhone, and iPad, so users can continue their projects from anywhere.


macOS Monterey Shortcuts

Shortcuts are arriving on Mac. They will help users automate everyday tasks and achieve peak productivity. Just like the iPhones and iPads, Shortcuts will let you quickly accomplish tasks with the apps you use the most on your Mac. They come with a gallery of pre-built actions designed just for Mac. Hence, you can instantly share files, make animated GIFs, and more. Moreover, power users can use the Shortcuts Editor on Mac to customize shortcuts to match their workflows. The Shortcuts are integrated throughout macOS.


Apple Notes

Notes app is getting an update as well. Quick Note is a new way for users to jot down notes on any app or website systemwide. Users can also add links from an app to their Quick Note to create context, even on a website in Safari or an address in Maps. Moreover, you can now add mentions to your shared notes. Further, users can see everyone’s edits in the new Activity View, and categorize their Notes with tags to quickly and easily find them in the new Tag Browser and in tag-based Smart Folders.


Focus Monterey macOS

macOS Monterey will allow users to signal their status to let others know when they are focusing and not available. When you set Focus on one device, it automatically sets across their other devices and can be customized based on your current activity. 


FaceTime now includes a suite of new audio and video features. You get spatial audio that makes voices in a FaceTime call sound like they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen. Further, Voice Isolation ensures the user’s voice is clear. It uses machine learning to eliminate background noise, and Wide Spectrum allows all the sound in the area to come through so participants can hear everything. Moreover, FaceTime is getting Portrait Mode to blur the user’s background during a call.

macOS Montery FaceTime

Users can share their favorite music, TV shows, movies, projects, and more with friends and family in real-time. Hence, kicking off a shared listening party, watching movies and shows, collaborating in apps through screen sharing, and more. Moreover, Apple will let third-party developers bring their own apps right into FaceTime with an API built for easy adoption.


Other features include Live Text that uses on-device machine learning to detect text in photos, including phone numbers, websites, addresses, and tracking numbers, so users can copy and paste, make a phone call, open a website, and easily find more information.

Live Text

You also get iCloud+ that brings new premium features, including Hide My Email, expanded HomeKit Secure Video support, and more. There are new privacy features like Mail Privacy Protection that let users choose whether emails can collect information about their Mail activity. 

Moreover, new accessibility features let anyone add alternative image descriptions right from Markup. You also get an improved Full Keyboard Access and new cursor customization options that provide more flexibility when navigating Mac.

At its WWDC 2021, Apple also announced several updates to its apps like FaceTime and iMessage alongside the iOS 15, watchOS 8, and iPadOS 15.


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