macOS Big Sur
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Apple took WWDC 2020 to announce new MacOS, Big Sur. It comes with new design, and new apps including messages updates that we saw on iOS 14. Let’s dive deep into what’s new with MacOS Big Sur.

The new OS brings depth shading and translucency, reduced visual complexity to keep the focus on content. and new symbols. Further, the buttons only appear when you need them and recede when you don’t. The company has unified space for notifications and widgets in macOS Big Sur. It adds new sounds, and consistency on icons between iOS and macOS.

Moreover, Finder has a new top to bottom design and Photos has the same design as on iPadOS. It’s backed by Metal so it has smooth navigation and graphics. Further, iWork also has a simplified toolbar. The menu bar at the top is now translucent and takes the color of the app. It comes with new toolbar icons. And finally, Control Center has an icon at the top right. Notifications center is now re-done and matched with widgets. You can click edit widgets to see a gallery.

Apple also announced new apps for macOS Big Sur. As mentioned on top, Messages updates that we saw with iOS 14 are included here. A new version of Maps is coming to the Mac that pretty much enhances what we see with iOS 14. Favorites are now included on the sidebar. It brings Indoor maps, Lookaround, which is basically street view, and you can track friends on the map as well.

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