The MacBook Pro throttling problem could be fixed with software

Apple and CPU throttling, a better love story than Twilight. It all started last year when the company accepted that it limited the speed on their iPhones in order to preserve the devices. Less than a year after that, same throttling problem, now applied to the MacBook Pro.

This CPU throttling issue in the i9 Core MacBook Pro became public after YouTuber Dave Lee posted a video where he showed the limitations of the i9 CPU. He explained that it was due to a bad design that prevented an appropriate cooling system. Now, according to new information, this issue could be fixed with a simple software update. The cause of the problem would be the power throttling of the VRM (voltage regulator module) that can’t supply enough power to the i9 CPU. Redditor u/randompersonx says: “When the VRM maxes out (overheats … but this is different from CPU thermal throttling), the motherboard sends a signal to the CPU to drop its speed to minimum (800Mhz) to allow the VRM a chance to cool down”.

Now we would recommend patience. Just wait until all this issue is sorted out and then you can go buy your new MacBook Pro without a problem.

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