Your future MacBook or iPad could wirelessly charge iPhone, Apple Watch devices

The current generation iPhones (8, 8 Plus, and X) are the first Apple smartphones to feature wireless charging. However, Apple wants to take it further with filing for trademark on ways to achieve “inductive charging between electronic devices”. This means that at one point, your MacBook or even iPad will wirelessly charge iPhone devices on the go.

The two diagrams attached depict an iPad and a MacBook that are equipped with a hot zone. Placing an iPhone on the hot zone (center of the iPad screen and trackpad of the MacBook) would allow your phone to charge using the battery of the device it has been place on.

Magnets might be included to help with proper alignment to achieve best charging results. In case of larger devices, like the MacBook, there might be several coils employed for multiple hot zones enabling users to charge more than one device at the same time.

The application also suggest that employing this method would allow several devices to be charged by a single wall outlet. In this case, charging your MacBook via its charger, and your iPhone as well as Apple Watch by your MacBook.

While this sounds both cool and a logical next evolution of wireless charging, Apple is known to file plentry of trademark applications. Some of them might not even see the light of day. Exciting as it is, keep skeptical for now.

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