When you talk about “OS X,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, ribbed his engineers for going on some “inspired” tour around California. Well, now it’s time to say hello to “Sierra,” but bye bye to Mac OS X. It’s “macOS Sierra”.

And there’s no shortage of mobile-related features that will be introduced to the Mac for continuity purposes.

Auto Unlock allows Apple Watch owners to unlock their Macs just by having their smartwatch nearby if both machines are on the same network. It’s pretty much an analogue to Trusted Devices for your computer.

With Universal Clipboard, you can copy text or pictures on your iOS device and get it pasted onto your Mac.

iCloud Drive allows you to share a part of your macOS desktop to it. Optimized Storage will pack away files you don’t often access into the iCloud — like Nextbit.

Apple Pay macOS

Apple Pay is now usable with web interfaces. If you buy something with Apple Pay on a Mac, it will ask to authenticate your transaction with Touch ID on your iDevice. Federighi announced that the service will be migrating to Switzerland, France and Hong Kong.

macOS apps and programs will now implement Tabs natively without any developer action necessary.

Picture-in-Picture mode gets moved in from the iPad Pro.

Most importantly, Siri finally makes it to the Mac and can interact with Finder to pore over files with sophistocated queries about “the files I worked on last week with Kevin”. You can pin those files in your Notification Center. Siri also can provide image search results, offline or online, that you can pull right into documents you’re working on. She also handles the typical queries, too, like music playing.

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