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M1X MacBook Pro could come with notch, claims last minute leak

By Sanuj Bhatia October 18, 2021, 1:45 am
macbook pro notch

Apple is all set to announce its new M1X MacBook Pro models today. The company sent out invites for its ‘Unleashed’ event last week, and the event is set to take place later today. Ahead of its launch, a lot of information has surfaced that suggests Apple is planning to launch its 2021 MacBook Pro with a notch, however, it would lack the Face ID biometric sensor. Let’s take a look at all the reports that suggest this year’s MacBook Pro could feature a notch display.

First rumors of the 2021 MacBook Pro featuring a notch appeared on Weibo (via MacRumors) first. Popular Apple leaker DuanRui suggested that the rumor could indeed be true, however, he later “joked” about it. In a follow-up leak, a Redditor has suggested that MacBook Pro feature a standard-sized notch — the one that comes in iPhone 12 — rather than the smaller one from the iPhone 13 lineup. It would house the 1080p FaceTime selfie camera, ambient light sensors, and microphone, but Face ID biometrics is not expected.


MacBook Pro with notch allegedly surfaced months ago

Back in April 2021, a ransomware group known as REvil claimed to have gained the access to schematics of the future MacBook Pro models. One of the schematics, which had a MacBook Pro with an HDMI port, an SD Card slot, and Magsafe — which is said to come on this year’s MacBook Pro — allegedly showed a MacBook Pro with a notch. Leakers claim this is the same model Apple is planning to launch later today. The schematics also show that the notch wouldn’t house the Face ID camera array which would instead feature only the FaceTime camera, microphone, and ambient display sensors, as the leak mentioned above suggests.

Apple already has a patent about it

When the wildfire of leaks that followed up the reports of MacBook Pro featuring a notch display also included leakers scrapping the internet for Apple’s patent about it. And in fact, Apple does have a patent about it. The patent titled “Electronic Device Display With Extended Active Area” (via MacRumors) from Apple discusses how notch wouldn’t interrupt with the menu bar of the macOS.

The rectangular screen on both sides of the notch would be used to display additional information to the user with the macOS menu bar displayed below it. In particular, Apple in the patent says that the display on both sides of the notch would “display icons on a black background while the main rectangular region displays a rectangular picture. Icons or other information may be displayed on a black background in the extended regions, giving the display a continuous unbroken appearance.”

Apple plans to hide it via marketing material

Macbook Pro Blue

A leaker, named “ty98,” on the V2EX forum (via MacRumors) says that he’s seen the packaging and the marketing material Apple is planning to use for its M1X MacBook Pro. He says that Apple will use a “kind of wallpaper with a dark top” that would hide the notch. He says that “if you don’t look carefully, you can’t see the [notch] at all.” In addition, “ty98” has detailed some more information about the M1X MacBook Pro on the forum post:

  • There is no Face ID, with the notch to house a 1080p webcam, an ambient light sensor, and an indicator light.
  • There will be a mini-LED display.
  • The MacBook Pro is “very thick, thick, and heavy.”
  • The maximum configuration of “32+4T” will be its biggest selling point.
  • Apple will add two large fans to the new chip.
  • “Don’t expect too much on narrow borders. It is indeed narrow, but it is not much narrow.”
  • Touch Bar is gone.
  • MacBook Pro models will feature MagSafe, HDMI Port, and SD Card slot.
  • No “MacBook Pro” logo on the bottom bezel.
  • Bezel width remains at the current size, with the bezels at the three sides basically the same width with the bottom bezel thicker.
  • The MacBook Pro “has various curves” to give people an “intuitive feeling that it is a large rectangle.”

M1X could be called ‘M1 Pro’ and ‘M1 Max’

Apple is set to announce the 2021 MacBook Pro today with an improved M1 chipset, supposedly called “M1X.” Ahead of the launch later today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (via MacRumors) has suggested that Apple could name the chips “M1 Pro” and “‌M1‌ Max.” The names first appeared in app logs last month, and now, Gurman says that Apple could either call the chips “M1 X” and “M1 Z,” with the Z variant having more GPU cores or “M1 Pro” and “M1 Max.”

2022 MacBook Air could also feature the same notch display

The same leaker who suggests that Apple will use obscure marketing material to hide the notch, claims that next year’s MacBook Air could also feature the same display. He says that Apple is taking the same route as it does with other features, bringing it first to only a particular set of devices and then bringing the feature to all the devices. In addition, the leaker says that the 2022 MacBook Air‌ will “look much better” and have a “very round and light” design.

If Apple indeed launches a MacBook Pro with a notch later today, would you buy it? What are your thoughts on Apple announcing a new MacBook with a notch? Let us know in the comments section below!


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