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M1 MacBook screens breaking without apparent reason?

By Samuel Martinez July 30, 2021, 3:30 pm
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It seems that Apple may have a new problem on its hands. Several users have begun reporting M1 MacBook screen cracks on both the 13-inch Pro and the Air model. What’s curious is that these cracks have occurred during normal usage of the laptops, meaning that they haven’t been abused, dropped, or subject to a durability test. In addition, Apple has already repaired or replaced some of them free of charge, while most users with this problem have had to pay to get their laptops fixed.

One of 9to5Mac’s readers, Ian Probert, has experienced this issue and is still waiting to know if he will have to pay or not.
Ian Probert:
“I have an M1 Macbook Pro. I purchased it in March 2021. Yesterday morning I opened it up to discover cracks in the screen. I contacted Apple and was forced to pay £570 upfront in order for them to repair it. I told them that I had done nothing to damage the screen but their response was that their technicians would decide if I had damaged it and would, in that case, lose my money.”


There are also several threads on Apple’s Support Communities and Reddit, where users have been reporting that these cracks have occurred with opening or closing their MacBooks, while others say that these cracks were present the next time they used their laptops.

“I bought a MacBook Air M1 6 months ago and the screen cracked for no apparent reason. I left my computer on the top of my desk during the night and the next day I opened it the screen had 2 small cracks on the right which damaged the functioning of the screen. I contacted an authorized Apple center which told me Apple warranty would not cover it as it is a contact point crack; as if I have left something the size of a rice berry between the screen and the keyboard. It is absurd as I have nothing like it on my desk and the computer was properly closed as usual and didn’t move the whole night.”

“We bought a M1 Macbook Air 4 months ago. Last weekend my wife was watching a movie on Netflix and adjusted the screen at the edge to change the viewing angle. The screen blacked out except for an area on the left which had bright lines in a irregular pattern. I have taken the MBA to the local Apple store and they advise me that my wife caused the pressure crack and it is not covered under warranty. Cost to repair is $725 Australian dollars. This leaves a very sour taste. The screen should not break when the screen angle is changed.”

“My 17yr old daughter was at her desk, working on her MacBook Pro (M1 display) and shut it to take a break. When she went back to work, on opening the device she noticed that the bottom of the display was covered by flickering black and white lines and that there were also perpendicular coloured lines on the left hand side of the screen.”

“I have just experienced the same thing. On July 28th I closed my laptop to take the dog outside. I came back in and opened up the laptop and there was a crack. It was very confusing as I could not understand how this would have happened. Took the Mac to the apple store and was told right off the bat “I will tell you what you did here” and it was explained how I must have closed the lid on something. When I said that did not happen they said I must have pushed down on it or held it wrong.”

macbook air m1

MacBook Air

There is no official explanation for what may be causing these cracks. However, it is believed that they may be caused by any kind of debris on the bottom section or by screen flexing as the MacBook is closed, opened or carried. And one user suggests that the frame may be too weak to protect the display adequately.

Source 9to5Mac


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