Update 1/25: We have selected a winner for the giveaway, but have not heard back. We will choose another winner tomorrow if we do not hear by 10am EST.

Update 1/26: We have chosen a new winner! See below!

Traveling as a tech geek has gotten both easier and harder at the same time since we were but wee lads and lasses. Time was we would load up a bag with a few games, a good book or two, perhaps some DVDs for the trip. Now, we simply toss an iPad, Nexus 9, and Kindle Fire into a bag (though really only one of those is strictly necessary) and we can travel the world without ever getting bored. The downside is, we need to be able to charge all these dang things, lest boredom catch up to us, sometime in the middle of Pennsylvania at the beginning of day 2.

Until recently, that meant we also carried a power strip, a few “wall warts” or varying size (1 amp, 2.1 amp, etc) and half a dozen microUSB/Lightning cables. Recently we found a solution for half of that problem – specifically the Lumsing 5-port desktop charger. Fortunately, we found it just in time for CES. So for this mini-edition of “What’s in your CES-bag” we’re going to take a look at the Lumsing 5 port charger. Plus, as an extra bonus, at the end of this review, we’ll be giving away this piece of CES gear to a (US only – sorry!) reader. So, without further ado, let’s give this a look.

Lumsing_charger_smartSmall but mighty

The Lumsing 5 port USB charger is a compact charging solution that easily fits in the palm of your hand – or your CES bag, as the case may be. The unit is capable of 5V/8A/40W max output, which means you can charge quite a few devices at once. The five USB ports are controlled by an Intelligent Control chipset which means you can plug in different devices to different ports, and the charger will know the correct charge for each device. Plus the device has built in protection to keep your devices safe. No fried phones on its watch.

All this means that you can carry an iPad mini, Nexus 9, Kindle Fire, Blu Energy 2, and Samsung GS6 Edge and charge them all at the same time every night, with only one outlet taken up. What you do with the other outlet is up to you. In our case it was a laptop, but if you want to plug something else in, we won’t judge.

Cute little guy

The Lumsing 5 port charger is a very attractive little box that sits on it’s largest edge flat on the desk. We’ve had multi-port chargers that laughably tried to stand up on a narrow edge, but the cables almost never agreed with that configuration. The square inches of desk space lost more than make up for peace of mind of not having to stand the thing up all the time. The 5 USB ports are arranged vertically along the face, with a friendly “Smart” reminder, just in case you forget. The top sports only the Lumsing logo; the bottom carries the usual electrical information typically found one devices like this. The rear of the device carries a port for the removable AC cord which plugs into the wall.

Our review unit was black and was completely covered in that soft-touch material we all love so much. The feel of the unit in hand is solid and pleasant, but the soft-touch material also helps it grip the desk/table top so there isn’t a lot of sliding around. Of course, the unit isn’t all that heavy, so it will move around a bit. This isn’t a paperweight after all. But overall, if you’re looking for a nice little compact unit to charge a few of your devices at once, this is a solid buy at $20 from Amazon. But why should you buy one, when you can try to win one?

Lumsing_charger_vertThe contest

That’s right folks, this is a piece of technology, that was legitimately used by your favorite…er, second favorite? OK fine it was used by a Pocketnow Editor at CES 2016. That alone makes it worth dozens of quarters. And it can be yours. All you need to do is leave a comment down below and tell us what you would charge with it – phone/tablet/backup battery/etc. – and you’ll be entered to win this review unit.

As I mentioned, this contest is only for the US – blame Customs and international shipping rates. So if you are living in any one of the 48 continental United States (or Washington DC) sound off below between now and 10am EST January 21, 2016. We’ll draw a name randomly using random.org and reply to your comment asking you to contact us. If you could also leave your twitter handle or Google Plus profile, that would make contacting you that much quicker along with a nice batch of self-promotion.

Good luck to all of you!

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