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Nokia’s Lumia 929 sure is taking its sweet old time in actually making it to market. First rumors of a November launch fell through, and despite claims that the hardware might finally launch in December, we’re halfway through the month with nothing to show for it. So, when is the Windows Phone handset finally going to hit stores? Today we hear the latest guess at a launch window, while also considering a surprising theory for how the handset might be named.

Instead of December, this new theory pegs the phone’s release date as Thursday, January 16. We’re not sure exactly where this date in particular comes from, but Verizon does enjoy a good Thursday launch, and the timing might allow it to give the phone some CES publicity before sales begin.

But what of that name? We’ve been calling this device the 929 for ages now, but earlier this month we also got the tip that the phone had been in development under the codename “Icon.” Now, this would be a huge departure if it’s true, but today the theory’s going around that maybe Nokia is dropping the whole number-based system for this handset, and it could actually launch as the Lumia Icon.

That idea comes from @evleaks, who first introduced us to the Icon name. While we find ourselves struggling with the idea, it’s not totally crazy, as we’ve expected that the new Microsoft ownership would mean some degree of an overhaul to Nokia device naming – we just weren’t sure what form it would take.

So far, Nokia’s Lumia numbering has seemed like an elegant alternative to the alphabet soup other OEMs put out, but maybe it really is time for a change.

Source: WPCentral, @evleaks (Twitter)

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