Lumia Icon vs Lumia 1020 (Video)

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 was easily one of the most impressive smartphones of 2013. Better yet, it’s one of the more innovative handsets of the decade, with its 41-megapixel image sensor, paired with optical image stabilization. Its solid design and Nokia’s reputation for quality didn’t hurt matters either.

However, CDMA users have been left mostly to feed on the Windows Phone scraps of late, and Nokia stepped up to the plate with yet another stellar entry, the Lumia Icon for Verizon Wireless. With specifications that rival even some of the most popular and powerful Android handsets, it’s sure to win over Windows Phone fans all around. But can it compete with the 1020 at what it does best: image sensing?

We put the two in a head to head battle in this Lumia Icon vs Lumia 1020 comparison. Check it out below!

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