New Windows Phone handsets from Microsoft seem to emerge every few months. The Lumia 535 made its debut a little over a month ago, and back in September we saw the Lumia 830, 730, and 735 go official. While Microsoft may have called the 830 its “affordable flagship,” the specs really weren’t up to what we typically consider flagship level – and really, that’s the case for all these new models, positioned more as budget phones than anything with really jaw-dropping features or performance. So when can we expect a higher caliber of Lumia? Numerous sources have been suggesting the answer to that is “not for a good, long while,” claiming that the early-2015 expo season will pass without any new flagship Lumia.

While Microsoft is very much expected to show off some new handsets at shows like MWC, the phones it’s likely to bring are more of this mid-range variety. Instead, we might be waiting until September or later.

That threatens to put Windows Phone in the precarious position of not having a real flagship-level device launch for (depending on whether or not you’re counting the arrival of third-party models like the One M8) a solid year or more. That need not be a full-on disaster for the operating system’s outlook –Lumia models do some of their best sales when we’re looking at budget models– but we can’t imagine it would do much to bolster the platform’s reputation in the broader smartphone market.

Source: Geek on Gadgets
Via: GSM Arena

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