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Yesterday we saw Microsoft prepping for wider distribution of the Lumia Denim firmware update for Lumia smartphones, following word of limited availability in select markets. It was progress, sure, but we craved more information: just when could the rest of us hope to see Denim arrive. Today Microsoft speaks up and shares an update about Denim’s progress, but at the same time removes its fine-grained update status pages.

The new statement gives us another overview of the Denim features to expect, but we know enough about those already – what about that ETA? You’ve got a little bit of wait in store. Microsoft acknowledges the current, limited distribution while saying, “a wider rollout of Lumia Denim to all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to begin in early January, following partner testing and approvals.”

Well, OK. That’s a start, and you can always turn to its regional update availability pages to see exactly what the status is for your device, in your country, on your carrier, right? Not so much. While Microsoft used to offer a detailed list of past and future firmware updates for each combination of those variables, noting if an update was under development, under testing, or outright available, it’s now seriously scaled back the data publicly available, only publishing the currently most recent update for each entry.

You’ll still be able to confirm what’s the latest code your phone should have access to, but won’t see those teases about testing for upcoming releases. Maybe that’s for the best, keeping us from getting too excited about an update that still has a lot of work left to go on it, but we tend to like having more information about such things, not less.

Source: Microsoft 1,2
Via: Windows Central 1,2

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