Lumia 950 ships by November 25 from Microsoft US, Lumia 950 XL in early December

After close to a month and a half of dire waiting, lingering confusion in regards to a certain irresistible bundle deal offered in select European markets, and mostly bad news concerning carrier support and compatibility, US-based prospective buyers of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL finally have something to smile about.

More than one thing, actually, as Redmond first confirmed the ingenious Display Dock would come free with the 950 XL stateside as well, then AT&T started taking online orders for the smaller Windows 10 Mobile flagship, and now both phones have delivery times listed at Microsoft’s American e-store.

Oddly enough, the 5.2-inch model that isn’t available for pre-orders yet will apparently ship “by November 25”, whereas the 5.7-incher you can pledge your allegiance (and money) to takes a little longer to reach you. Namely, “by December 11.”

In a way, that does make sense however, as Lumia 950 delivery deadlines may also slip to December once the phone goes up for pre-orders. Keep your eyes peeled, and remember the larger, higher-end, Snapdragon 810-packing device costs $649 unlocked with eligibility for a complimentary Display Dock worth $100, while the SD808 configuration should fetch $549 by itself.

Over at AT&T, the Microsoft Lumia 950 is even pricier sans contractual obligations ($599), though it could tempt you with two-year pacts, at $150, or Next monthly payments starting at $20, no upfront fee required. Unfortunately, no gratis accessories included either.

Sources: Microsoft US Store (1), (2), AT&T

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