Next week may bring us new Nexus phones, as well as LG’s latest handset, but two weeks from now the ball is going to be in Microsoft’s court. On October 6 the company’s throwing its next big Windows 10 device event, and the odds are better than good that means the launch of the first Windows 10 Mobile flagships, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. The past several weeks have delivered more than enough leaks to go around, revealing phone hardware in an impressive degree of depth. But if you’ve had any doubts about what we’ve been hearing thus far, today’s leak should help set you straight, as we get a peek at some slides from a presentation highlighting Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL hardware.

From their 20MP cameras, to the 3GB of RAM, to their quad HD displays, we’re looking at a pair of unmistakably premium handsets – and that’s a segment where Microsoft’s smartphone lineup has been sorely in need of fresh blood. And if you weren’t convinced of Microsoft’s launch plans already, the presence of the October 6 date on the renders featured here may help bring you around.

Besides confirming all those beefy hardware specs, there’s mention of the handsets’ iris-scanning capabilities, and we even get a look at a device connected to a Continuum dock for PC-like operation on a desktop monitor. While we don’t have full details on that dock just yet, rumors suggest that Microsoft may give it away free to new Lumia 950 owners in certain regions as a promotional offer.

Finally, outside flagship territory, we get a similar spec rundown for the Lumia 550, which should also make an appearance in two weeks. As of now, though, the source behind all this imagery has yet to show anything suggesting the rumored Lumia 750 could join them.

950-slide-2 950-slide-3 950-slide-550

Source: Forever Nokia Latinoamérica (Facebook)
Via: Windows Central

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