Microsoft Lumia 950 After the Buzz: Finally ready for prime time?

Microsoft hasn’t managed to inspire much confidence of late in the mobile market. Six months ago we reviewed the newest Lumia flagship. It was an interesting phone, running the earliest builds of Windows 10 for mobile, and packed a few neat tricks like an iris scanner to unlock the device. Plus you could count on the Zeiss branded camera to produce solid photos and videos. Unfortunately, the phone suffered from bland design, and buggy software. While we could handily recommend it to fans of Live Tiles, people willing to travel the BETA software journey with Microsoft, it was more difficult to accept some of these issues and compromises in a consumer facing, expensive, flagship daily driver smartphone.

Now here we are six months later. We had to bite the bullet and give up on consumer software updates, instead joining the Insider preview program to get timely bug fixes and improvements. The camera app has received some attention recently, and a few more developers like Facebook look like they might be interested in Windows 10 Universal apps. The phone’s stock design is still dull, but has performance at least improved enough to match the high end pricing? Has the 950 finally grown up? Is it ready to be a consumer solution? Can this phone really be your daily driver?

Let’s revisit this phone in our Microsoft Lumia 950 After the Buzz video long term review!

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