Lumia 950 and 950 XL hit by ‘slight’ delay in the UK due to ‘unexpected software issues’

Although Windows 10 Mobile hasn’t technically reached general availability yet, reportedly entering the last stage before it a couple of weeks back, devices with the unpolished OS pre-installed are shipping in several European markets as we speak.

No longer available in North America after a few waves of pre-orders, the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL were supposed to get dispatched to early British buyers today. But at least one prominent UK retailer says the phones won’t be ready for primetime until December 6, best case scenario, on account of “unexpected software issues.”

Argos doesn’t go into detail regarding the exact nature of the “issues” and especially their gravity, but even if you’re looking at minor bugs, Redmond must be concerned. The first Win 10 Mobile Technical Preview rolled out to Insiders roughly ten months ago, not to mention the desktop flavor, which should be extremely similar, was released to manufacturing back in July, impressing the vast majority of PC users with its stability off the bat.

Lumia 950 UK delay

What’s odd is MS seems to be taking Lumia 950 and 950 XL orders through its local website as if nothing’s wrong, keeping mum on a prospective delay and the reported software glitches, despite Argos clearly stating Satya Nadella’s outfit “regrettably advised” the postponement.

Let’s hope it’s indeed a short-term problem not affecting any of the other regions the handhelds have launched in, and it’s not indicative of general system instability either. For all the cool new features it brings to the table, Windows 10 Mobile deserves a fast, smooth, uneventful spread.

Sources: Neowin, Reddit

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