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Sick Of Waiting For The Lumia 920? Nokia Wants You To Make Your Own

By Stephen Schenck October 19, 2012, 5:26 pm

As we continue to close-in on the Windows Phone 8 launch, and subsequent availability of all the new hardware, it’s easy to start getting a bit anxious. Sure, there’s less time than ever to wait before we can get our hands on WP8 handsets, but then again, after waiting for as long as we already have, another couple weeks can sound like torture. If you’re jonesing in particular for a Lumia 920, Nokia’s got a little something that might help tide you over, depending on how adept you are at arts and crafts.

Nokia tweeted the above papercraft template, ready for you to print out and make your own Lumia 920 stand-in. Some heavyweight stock, scissors, and a little glue are all you need to get started.

Nokia’s inviting fans who take the time to assemble one of these mock 920s to send in photos of themselves posing with their creations. You never know; if Nokia likes what it sees, it might want to feature you and your cardboard 920 in one of its promotions!

You can download the template PDF through Nokia’s SkyDrive account.

Source: Nokia UK
Via: WMPoweruser

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