When are finally going to get the chance to see the debut of the next – and by plenty of accounts, maybe even the last – Lumia smartphone? The Lumia 650’s been on our radar for months, and since right around the start of the new year we’ve really been looking into just when this puppy might be fixing to launch. Rumors first suggested a very-early February low-key announcement, before backing off and claiming that the Lumia 650 was facing some short delays. Well, that rumored February 1 launch clearly didn’t happen, so what about this new, delayed date? While earlier reports didn’t name a specific day for the new launch plans, a contender has finally surfaced, as sources point to a February 15 announcement.

While the Lumia 650 might go official in just over a week, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will be hitting store shelves quite so quickly. While much of the launch talk we’d heard up to this point suggested that sales would begin shortly after the phone’s debut, the latest chatter points to production delays, possibly pushing back availability.

Just how long could it be before you can pick up a Lumia 650 for your own? Sadly, this new report doesn’t get very detailed in terms of retail plans for the phone, and we don’t know if we’re talking about sales beginning later in February, further out into Q1, or possible even later still.

With word that this is just a “slight” delay, though, we’re hopeful that we’re just talking about a manner of weeks, and this eagerly anticipated Lumia will be going up for sale before we know it.

Source: Windows Central
Via: WMPoweruser

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