Lumia 530 tipped for T-Mobile in the US

If there’s one thing we like more than great smartphones, it’s a great smartphone that’s also a fantastic value. Early last year, Nokia brought us the Lumia 520, which we’ve seen sell for as low as $45. Then in the fall we got the 525 (above), which followed closely in the 520’s shoes while delivering some much appreciated updates, like a doubling of the handset’s RAM. Problem is, the 525 hasn’t been nearly as ubiquitous as the 520; will a new model ever arrive with the same global appeal of the 520? Rumors from a couple months back talked about a possible Lumia 530, and while details were seriously lacking, the model numbering alone had us hopeful it might fill that role. Today we get an update on what to expect from the 530, hearing about some possible carrier interest.

According to @evleaks, T-Mobile will end up carrying the Lumia 530. That’s interesting because last year the carrier had its own 520 variant, the 521; if we’re indeed looking at the 530 and not some 531, it doesn’t sound like history will repeat itself.

We also pick up a codename for this device, the Nokia Rise. We don’t recall having heard that one before, but we’re on the lookout for it now. What’s weird is that we’ve already heard the 530 referred to as the Nokia Rock (and from this same source, as well), so we’re not quite sure what’s going on here. Our first instinct would be another 520/521 situation, but like we said, here Rise is being linked to the 530 in particular, and there hasn’t been even a whiff of the 531. Suffice it to say, we’re curious what the situation here is.

None of this does anything to clue us in on the 530’s hardware, but one thing at a time, we suppose.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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