It’s only been about four-and-a-half months now since Nokia officially introduced its Lumia 2520 tablet, and it’s already started fading from the spotlight. While eagerly awaited, once it got here our attention quickly shifted to devices like the Lumia Icon, not to mention rumors of additional tablets, like a possible eight-incher. In fact, we haven’t had cause to discuss the 2520 for months now, following its appearance in the Pocketnow Readers’ Choice awards. But now it’s back on our minds, as we learn that some promised versions of the 2520 may never see the light of day.

Back when it launched, Nokia said that the 2520 would be available in black, white, red, and cyan. We’ve since seen sales begin for the black and red versions of the tablet, but as far as we could tell, the white and cyan options had yet to hit retail. While you may have been holding out hope that they’d eventually arrive, that may no longer be the case, as Nokia has been spotted removing mention of those options from its site.

For the moment, at least, the scrubbing of these cyan and white versions is far from complete; they still appear prominently on the tablet’s product page. It’s only when you pull up the specifications for the 2520 that you’ll only see the red and black color options listed – even for the global version of the tablet. Just a few weeks ago, we could still see cyan listed there, but it appears that Nokia removed the white option all the way back in late November.

Could a cyan or white 2520 still show up? Maybe someday, but based on what Nokia’s doing here, we can’t imagine either will surface in the immediate future.

Source: Nokia, – with cyan (January) – with cyan and white (November)
Via: myNokiaBlog

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