Lumia 1820, Galaxy S5 variants hinted at by case maker? Maybe, maybe not

Whatever happened to the Nokia Lumia 1820? We’d been talking about it since last year, and for a while we were hoping it might make an appearance at MWC, but then it dropped off the face of the earth. Was there still a chance this guy might be headed for launch, or were we barking up the wrong tree all along. As if from out of nowhere, the 1820 is back on our radar this evening, with a case maker’s website alluding to the smartphone, along with a few rumored Samsung models.

Noreve makes some fancy leather cases for a whole bunch of smartphones. Pull up one of those listings, and edit the name of the phone in the URL, and most of the time you’ll hit a page that doesn’t exist and get knocked back to the site’s home. But for quite a few rumored phones, popping in their names gives you a valid landing page. GSM Arena noticed that such pages exist for the Lumia 1820, as well as the Galaxy S5 Zoom and GS5 Mini. Our own experiments turned up some additional models, like the GS5 Active.

But does a landing page spell confirmation that this hardware exists? That’s the tricky bit, and the more names we threw at the server, and the more landing pages we discovered, the more concerned we became that Noreve is getting a little ahead of itself in configuring its site like this. For instance, there’s a page for an LG-made Nexus 6, which is pretty far from a certainty at this point. On the flip side, we also don’t see landing pages for models that we’re very much expecting, like the Lumia 630 and 930.

As a result, we’re not placing a ton of faith in what we see here, but we’re still very curious to learn what fate may have in store for that 1820. Could it show up at Nokia’s April 2 event?

Update: Looks like we’re not the only ones doubting just how much could be read into this site.

Source: Noreve 1,2,more
Via: GSM Arena

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