What’s a Windows Phone user who wants some high-end hardware to do? Last year brought few handsets powered by top-shelf silicon, and while that meant the arrival of attractive phones like the HTC One M8 for Windows and the Lumia 930, those didn’t really add up to offering a ton of options. If you wanted a more phablet-sized device, the selection’s been even slimmer, and for a long time now our go-to choice for a powerful Windows phablet has been the Lumia 1520. After a long life on store shelves, it’s finally time for even this model to say its goodbyes, as AT&T and Microsoft cease sales of the smartphone.

Launching all the way back in October of 2013, it’s impressive that the Lumia 1520 has stuck around as long as it has (especially in light of another of this week’s retirement stories, with T-Mobile dropping the Sony Xperia Z3 after just five months). For Windows Phone, though, that’s been especially important, considering the dearth of similar models up in the 1520’s six-inch space. Sure, we have the new 640 XL now, but that’s still a mid-ranger, through and through.

As a result, despite its age the Lumia 1520’s departure still has the ability to leave behind an unfilled hole in Microsoft’s smartphone lineup. Will it soon fill it with a new high-end phablet, maybe one running Windows 10 out of the box? For the moment, we can only hope as much.

Source: Windows Central

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