Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Galaxy S 4 Zoom (Video)

The Nokia Lumia 1020 isn’t just the yellowest smartphone ever to see the light of day. It’s also quite the accomplished cameraphone, its 41MP PureView sensor delivering photos with a quality and sharpness unrivaled by almost any competitor. If you doubt that, have a gander at the photos contained in our full 1020 review, then take a look at Taylor Martin’s tour of the Lumia’s camera capabilities and Adam Lein’s guide to taking great 1020 photos to see just how much awesome is packed into such a small casing.

On the flip side of the coin: Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Zoom. With Android instead of Windows Phone, optical zoom instead of digital, and a casing much closer to a point-and-shoot than any smartphone in history, the Zoom is a curious beast. Its casing is awkward to hold, its software ponderous to navigate. It did well in our full review, but I’m not sure we were quite hard enough on it in our day-to-day usability test. Nevertheless, the Zoom produces excellent images – and the optical magnification that gives the device its name is breathtaking.

So how do these devices compare in a cage-match faceoff? Let’s find out. Hop on down to Lumia 1020 vs Galaxy S4 Zoom to see today’s hottest cameraphones duke it out under all kinds of lighting conditions, and then drop a comment below telling us which one you’d pick up (if you don’t own one already).

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